Custom Jeweler

Custom Jewelry by Yaneth Reyes, LLC

Custom jewelry is often an outward expression of your personality to complement your fashion and style. It could also be a precious investment that you and your family can treasure from one generation to the next and beyond.

Artistic creativity, technical skills, training in specialty jewelry, and extensive experience in jewelry customization are the qualities that make Yaneth Reyes a choice jeweler to help you design and create your next jewelry piece.

Yaneth Reyes understands the personal nature of designing and creating custom jewelry. She works with you to ensure that the finished piece is designed to your desired specifications, that the best quality gemstones and precious metal are used, and, above all, that you are happy and pleased with your customized jewelry.

Jewelry Customization Process begins with an initial consultation to discuss your custom jewelry needs. Call us or visit our store to schedule a meeting.

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